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I'm a technologist, passionate about progress, simplicity and digital futures. Bridging the gap between technology and people is what I do best.

I offer, with the help of vendors and partners, seamless digital solutions which aid business and personal endeavours.

If simplicity is what you're after, why not see if I can help re-shape your digital future and help your journey there.


  • System Architecture
  • Networking
  • Virtual Environment
  • Firewall & Security
  • Wireless Connectivity
  • Domain & File Sharing
  • Email Systems
  • Laptop & Device Management
  • Remote Services
  • Local & Cloud Backup

  • Hosting
  • Website Development
  • Graphic Design
  • Domain Registration
  • Bespoke Wordpress
  • e-Commerce

Media & Broadcast;
  • Consulting
  • Playout Systems
  • System Design
  • Airchain
  • Digital Broadcast Workflow
  • Encoding & Streaming
  • Bespoke Stream Hosting
  • Audio Processing
  • Studio Acoustics & Aesthetics

  • Private Home Networks
  • Mac & PC Support
  • Firewall & Cyber Security
  • Private Email
  • Audio Visual
  • Mobile Device Management


Name: Cleanfeed

Sector: Broadcast

Cleanfeed is a free broadcast focused, easy-to-use, high quality live audio link that runs in your Chrome browser. Invite contributors to a studio console with an email invitation.

Cleanfeed is aimed toward podcasters, professional broadcasters, voice artists, community radio stations who are looking to connect in high quality. Give it a go today at